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3 easy steps to a sparkling clean shower screen?

Revitilise your shower screen with a touch of brilliance! Discover the simplicity of achieving a sparkling clean shower screen in these 3 easy steps. Say goodbye to grime and say hello to a shower that sparkles.

Step 1 - Scrub

Scrub the shower screen with detergent and a non-scratch sponge. Lather up the detergent with water so the screen is well scrubbed

Step 2 - Squeegee

Squeegee off all the bubbles and detergent, making sure to wipe the squeegee with a micro-fibre cloth after each drag across the glass. Use a firm hand when undertaking this step so that you don't leave any streak marks.

Step 3 - Shine

Buff the glass with a dry micro-fibre cloth in circular motions to remove the final marks and to leave the glass sparkling clean.

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